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Construct Calcs is a Relationship Oriented Company committed to providing thorough, accurate civil takeoff's and has invested in the latest third party civil takeoff software specifically designed for the earthwork industry in order to achieve this commitment. We have combined Experience, Software, and Convenience into a Unique Service. Specializing in one aspect of the bidding process giving contractors an option when time or resources are in short supply prior to bid closings. Construct Calcs is extremely confident that you will soon consider us a key component of your Estimating Team.

Existing 3-D Image Sample Project Existing Surface

  • Convenient Hassel Free Service
    • Upload Project Requests
    • Check Project Status
    • Purchase Projects
    • All from our Website
  • Building Relationships Through
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Experience
    • Commitment to Excellence
  • Making Our Service Affordable
    • Efficiency with Software
    • Specializing in Takeoff's
    • Providing Takeoff Options
  • You could spend up to $20,000.00 in upfront costs for software and training before you see any usable results.
  • The average per takeoff cost with Construct Calcs ranges from $1,200 - $1,600 for projects similar in size and scope to our sample project.
  • Increase your estimator's productivity giving them more time to analyze projects coordinate and communicate, review sub quotes, prepare bid documents.
  • Copy and Paste directly from our reports to your favorite spreadsheets.

Plan Image Sample Project Plan

Proposed 3-D Image Sample Project Proposed Surface

  • Our Takeoff Specialists are experienced Civil Estimators / Project Managers with extensive field experience.
  • We can tailor our takeoff's to your needs whether it's Asphalt, Site Concrete, Utility Excavation or the Complete Site Civil Takeoff Package.
  • All packages are priced according to time and effort required to complete.
  • Download our Sample Project for free and then go to our Reading Reports page to get detailed information about our Takeoff Package and information on understanding project reports.

  • Through the use of 3rd party software we are able to create unparalleled visual graphics that will give you a clear picture of project appearance both before and after earth moving activities.
  • Quantity reports with overall site quantities and individual quantities for differing regions, including utility trench bedding and backfill materials, asphalt, road base, site concrete, plus much more.
  • By setting over excavation limits for building pads we not only give you quantities for the building excavation but also, over excavation and backfill.
  • By entering strata information from soil report bore logs we are able to generate strata layer reports and project slices giving you vital information on estimated quantities of differing materials being encountered. Information of this type of can be invaluable, particularly if the lower layer is unsuitable for re-use and slated for export.

Cross Section Sample Project Strata Slice (Display Ratio = 1 : 2)
Green = Clays : Red = Cobbles : Gray = Unknown

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